Royal Indian Marine

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The Royal Indian Marine was the naval force of British India established in 1892 when it replaced the earlier HM Indian Marine. It existed until 1934 when it was renamed the Royal Indian Navy.


Until 1863 the Government of India had its own combatant navy based at Bombay, entitled the Indian Navy (previous to 1830 it was called the Bombay Marine). The Indian Navy co-operated with the Royal Navy in policing Asian waters and also carried out regular marine surveys. In 1863 it was disbanded and replaced by two non-combatant marine services based in Bombay and Bengal respectively. In 1877 it was decided to combine the Bombay and Bengal Marines into a new combatant service entitled HM Indian Marine, with Western (Bombay) and Eastern (Calcutta) Divisions - HM Indian Marine was renamed the Royal Indian Marine in 1892 and the Royal Indian Navy in 1934.