Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship

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Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship abbreviated H.B.M.S. or H.B.M. Ship was a ship prefix used for ships of the British Royal Navy.


The term Her Majesty's Ship may possibly have been used during the reign of Elizabeth I of England. and the term His Majesty's Ship was possibly used during the reign of Charles I of England. Official sources however indicate that it was in use certainly by the time of establishement of Royal Navy in 1660. Other sources indicate that Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship was first used following the Act of Union in 1707 uniting the Kingdom of England with the Kingdom of Scotland to create the Kingdom of Great Britain, hence (British, Britannia, or Britannic). However by the 1770's Her Majesty’s Ship abbreviated H.M.S. or H.M. Ship started to gain prominence, and the first recorded use of the abbreviated form "HMS" was in 1789, in respect of HMS Phoenix. By the early 19th century the term Her Britannic Majesty’s Ship appeared to die out.