West Indies Station

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West Indies Station
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Active1823-1830, 1838-1865
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
TypeNaval Station
Part ofRoyal Navy
Garrison/HQBermuda Naval Base
FirstCommodore Distinction Edward Owen
LastCommodore Bryan J. Straker

The West Indies Station also known as the West India Station or West Indies was a naval command area and command of the British Royal Navy from 1823 to 1830 and again from 1838 to 1865 .

Command of the station was vested in the Commander-in-Chief, West Indies Station from 1823 to 1830 then the Senior Officer, West Indies from 1838 to 1865.


In 1823 the Jamaica Station was renamed as the West Indies Station. In 1830 the station merged with the North America Station and Newfoundland Station to form the North America, West Indies and Newfoundland Station. In 1837 the former command was renamed the North America and West Indies Station.

In 1838 a new subordinate command at Jamaica was revived formally known as the Jamaica Division of the North America and West Indies Station. This command was controlled and directed by the Commodore at Jamaica. Additionally commodore Jamaica was given a wider geographic area of responsibility that included all of the West Indies, and was given the joint title of Senior Officer, West Indies. In 1865 former offices were abolished and replaced by the Commodore-in-Charge, Jamaica until March 1905.

In 1956 after the closure of the Bermuda Dockyard, and the disposal of most Admiralty land holdings in Bermuda, a small part of the base, which included the wharf of the South Yard, was maintained as Bermuda Naval Base for the North America and West Indies Squadron of the new West Indies Command (but, with Bermuda no longer equipped to serve as a dockyard, ships needing major repairs or refit were obliged to travel to Britain) named HMS Malabar.

In Command

Commander-in-Chief, West Indies Station (1823-1830)

Senior Officer, West Indies (1838-1865)

  1. Commodore Sir John Strutt Peyton, K.C.H 1838 - 1839.
  2. Commodore Sir Peter John Douglas, 1839 - 1843.
  3. Commodore the Hon. Henry Dilkes Byng, 26 July 1842 - 7 September 1843.
  4. Commodore Alexander Renton Sharpe C.B., 8 September 1843 - 15 September 1845.
  5. Commodore Daniel Pring, 16 September 1845 - 29 November 1847.
  6. Commodore Thomas Bennett, 7 February 1848 - 13 March, 1851.
  7. Commodore Peter McQuhae, 13 March 1851 - 1852.
  8. Commodore Thomas Henderson, 3 October 1854 - 3 August 1855.
  9. Commodore Henry Kellett C.B., 3 August 1855 16 March 1857.
  10. Commodore Hugh Dunlop, November 1859-January 1864.
  11. Commodore Peter Cracroft C.B.,March 1864 – 1865.