Vice-Admiral of the West

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Office of the Vice-Admiral of the West
Northern Admiralty
Reports toAdmiral of the North
NominatorMonarch of England
AppointerMonarch of England
Subject to formal approval by the King-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (usually for life)
Inaugural holderVice-Admiral, Sir Peter Bard

The Vice-Admiral of the West also known as the Vice Admiral of the Western Fleet, was a senior Navy Royal appointment established in 1338. The office holder served as one of two deputy admirals to the Admiral of the West for the charge of the Western Admiralty of the Kingdom of England.


The naval defence of England from the end of the 13th century until the first decade of the fifteenth Century was divided into regional commands or 'admiralties'.[1]

The Western Admiralty was controlled and directed by the office of the Admiral of the West who had two deputies a Vice-Admiral of the West and a Lieutenant Admiral of the West though the position's was filled intermittently.

Office Holders


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