Undersurface Warfare Division

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Undersurface Warfare Division
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Division overview
Preceding Division
Superseding department
HeadquartersDepartment of Admiralty
London, Great Britain
Division executive
  • Director, Undersurface Warfare Division.
Parent departmentDepartment of Admiralty
Parent OrganisationAdmiralty Naval Staff

The Undersurface Warfare Division was a directorate of the Admiralty Naval Staff of the Royal Navy responsible for formulating and developing strategies in relation to under surface warfare and controling the development of new under surface naval weapons. In 1964 it was renamed the Directorate of Undersurface Warfare.


The division evolved out the earlier Anti-Submarine Committee set up in 1910,[1] that coordinated the admiralty's earliest anti-submarine warfare proposals sent for consideration by the Board of Admiralty. Further systematic assessments and experimentation would take place from 1911 until 1915 when the Board of Invention and Research was established. It went through numerous name changes succeding the Torpedo, Anti-Submarine and Minewarfare Division in 1950. In 1964 itd name was altered to the Directorate of Undersurface Warfare.

Director, Undersurface Warfare Division

Post Holders included:[2]
  • Captain Terence A.K. Maunsell: November 1950-January 1952
  • Captain Vernon D’A. Donaldson: January 1952-April 1954
  • Captain Edward C. Bayldon: April 1954-May 1957
  • Captain Bertram S. Pemberton: May 1957-September 1959
  • Captain Ian L.M. McGeoch: September 1959-July 1960
  • Captain George O. Symonds: July 1960-July 1962
  • Captain Edmund N. Poland: July 1962-April, 1964 (continued to May 1965 as Director, Undersurface Warfare)


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