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Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryFlag of Tanganyika (1919-1961).png Tanganyika
AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Garrison/HQRN Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika, East Africa.

Tanganyika was an area command of the British Royal Navy. At various times it encompassed a shore base, naval formations and other ships not attached to other formations. [1]

In Command

Senior Naval Officer, Tanganyika

Senior Naval Officer, Tanganyika
Rank Insig Name Term Notes/Ref
1 Lieutenant Commander RN Lieutenant Commander Rank Insignia.png Leonard Spain. R.N.V.R. 12 September, 1918–April 1919 [2] (acting).[3]


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