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HM Naval Base, Simonstown
‎HMS Afrikander (1914-1923)
HMS Flora (1923-1932)
‎HMS Afrikander (1932-1957)
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CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
TypeNaval Station
Part ofCape of Good Hope Station (1914-1919)
Africa Station
South Atlantic Station
South Atlantic and South America Station
Garrison/HQSimonstown, South Africa.

Simonstown was a naval base and area command located in Western Cape, South Africa was established in 1914 as one of the geographical divisions into which the Royal Navy divided its worldwide responsibilities. It was defined so by the Department of Admiralty to identify the area of jurisdiction of the Senior Naval Officer, Simonstown.[1] then later Captain-in-Charge, Simonstown and was active until 1967.


A small dockyard facility was first established in Simon’s Town by the Dutch East India Company in 1743. This was taken over by the British Royal Navy in the 1790s had also built Cape Town Dockyard at the same time. However the location of Cape Town dockyard at Table Bay proved unsatisfactory as it did not provide an all year round safe anchorage. The Department of Admiralty in London instructed that all naval establishments be moved to Simons Town Bay that was completed by 1814. This new facility onward till around 1912 was known as the Cape of Good Hope Dockyard in official navy sources. In 1913 the Cape of Good Hope Dockyard was renamed Simonstown Dockyard and the facility was further developed over next few decades.

Naval HQ

Simonstown Naval Base and Dockyard in 1942

Senior Naval Officer, Simonstown (1914-19)

Captain-in-Charge, Naval Establishments, Simonstown (1919-39)

Commodore-in-Charge, Simonstown (1939-46)

Captain-in-Charge, Simonstown (1946-67)


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