Scotland Command

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Scotland Command
HMS Cochrane
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchRoyal Navy
Part ofDepartment of Admiralty
HQ and Naval BaseRosyth Dockyard
FirstVice-Admiral Sir Angus E.M.B. Cunninghame Graham
LastVice-Admiral Sir John O.C. Hayes

Scotland Command was naval command area of the Royal Navy created in 1950 following a change of title of the previous Rosyth Command. The command was under the control and direction of the Flag Officer, Scotland.[1] In 1968 it was renamed the Scotland and Northern Ireland Command

Naval HQ

Flag Officer, Scotland

Chief Staff Officer to Flag Officer, Scotland

  1. Captain Robert Jocelyn Oliver Otway-Ruthven, 31 July 1950 – May 1951.[2]
  2. Captain Robert William Jocelyn, 30 March 1954 – January 1956.[3]



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