School of Naval Architecture

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School of Naval Architecture
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Training Establishment overview
Superseding department
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersPortsmouth Dockyard, England
Parent Training EstablishmentDepartment of Admiralty

The School of Naval Architecture was a technical training establishment of the British Admiralty that opened in 1811 in Portsmouth. Its role was to train personnel in Naval Architecture. The school closed in 1832. In 1848 it was revived under a new name the Central School of Mathematics and Naval Construction.


In 1811 the Admiralty established its first School of Naval Architecture at Portsmouth Dockyard. In 1832 the school was closed. 1848 The Central School of Mathematics and Naval Construction was founded by the Admiralty at Portsmouth Dockyard; it was the second School of Naval Architecture in Britain. It was closed in 1853 on the initiative of First Lord of the Admiralty Sir James Graham.

In 1864 The third school, The Royal School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering was established in South Kensington, London. It was founded by Joseph Woolley. In 1873 the School moved to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich and in 1967 The School moved to University College London.