Resident Commissioner Madras

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Office of the Resident Commissioner, Madras
Navy Board Flag 1832 new version.jpg
Navy Board Flag
Navy Office
Member ofNavy Board
Reports toComptroller of the Navy
NominatorFirst Naval Lord
AppointerPrime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the King-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–3 years)

The Resident Commissioner, Madras or formally Resident Commissioner of the Navy at Madras was a senior Navy Board appointment. The office holder was responsible for superintending Madras Dockyard the principal officers of dockyard. The dockyard was part of the East Indies Station. This office existed from 1810 to 1817.

Office Holders

  1. 1808-1809, Captain Henry Inman.[1]
  2. 1810-1817 Captain Peter Puget.[2][3]


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