Portugal Station

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Portugal Station
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
TypeNaval Station
RoleConvoy Protection
Evacuation Force
Part ofRoyal Navy
Garrison/HQLisbon Dockyard
Kingdom of Portugal
FirstAdmiral of the Blue: Sir George Cranfield Berkeley
LastVice-Admiral of the White: Sir George Martin

The Portugal Station was a naval station of the British Royal Navy responsible for the coast of the Kingdom of Portugal first formed in 1810. It initially replaced the earlier Lisbon Station but it was renamed backed to the previous name in 1815.

Command of the station on the Coast of Portugal was vested in an Admiral or Vice-Admiral styled as the Commander-in-Chief, Portugal.


In 1808, Admiral Vandeput was succeeded by Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Cotton as Commander-in-Chief of the Lisbon Station and was charged with preparation of Lisbon harbor for the planned invasion the Iberian Peninsula later in the year. The Lisbon Squadron was also involved with the evacuation of Sir John Moore's army stuck in Galacia [1] following the Battle of Corunna. In 1810 The Lisbon Station was renamed the Portugal Station, and Admiral Cotton was relieved of command by Admiral Sir George Cranfield Berkeley when it was next involved in improving coastal defences until 1812, when Admiral Berkeley retired his command. He was then replaced by Vice-Admiral Sir George Martin who commanded the station until 1814.[2] In 1815 the Portugal Station was renamed back to its original name the Lisbon Station.

In Command

Commander-in-Chief, Portugal


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