Port Edgar

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Port Edgar
HMS Columbine (1917-1938)‎
HMS Lochinvar (1939-1975)
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AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
TypeNaval Station
Garrison/HQPort Edgar, Scotland.

Port Edgar was a base and local command of the Royal Navy as one of the geographical divisions into which the Royal Navy divided its worldwide responsibilities. It was first established in 1917 and remained active until 1975.


Port Edgar in 1917 showing berthed Torpedo Boat Destroyers of the Grand Fleet

Bought by the Admiralty in 1916 as the site of a future Naval base, the pier at Port Edgar had been regularly used by Royal Navy ships since the 1850s. Shortly after its purchase, the wounded of the Battle of Jutland were landed at Port Edgar for the Royal Naval Hospital at Butlaw, Queensferry. The dead of the battle were buried in the local cemetery.

In 1917 the completed base was commissioned as HMS Columbine, a depot for Torpedo Boat Destroyers of the Grand Fleet. HMS Columbine and the naval hospital at Butlaw were closed in 1938. In 1939, at the outbreak of the Second World War, Port Edgar was commissioned as HMS Lochinvar, a training establishment for the Royal Naval Patrol Service.

In 1943 HMS Lochinvar relocated to Granton Harbour just a few miles along the coast. Port Edgar became the home to HMS Hopetoun, a Combined Operations training centre for British and Allied navies training for the D-Day landings in France. After the war, HMS Hopetoun closed and in 1946 HMS Lochinvar returned to Port Edgar. It was now home to the Royal Navy minesweepers clearing the Firth of Forth and the eastern coast of Britain of its wartime minefields.

In 1958 the Royal Navy Fishery Protection Squadron was moved to HMS Lochinvar. By 1960 the port also became the Navy's only minesweeping training establishment. In 1975 HMS Lochinvar closed and all its operations moved across the Forth to HMS Caledonia in the rebuilt naval base at Rosyth.

In Command

Captain in Charge, Port Edgar (1919-1928)

  1. Captain Berwick Curtis, 20 November, 1919 – 20 November, 1921
  2. Captain Arthur K. Macrorie, 20 November, 1921 – 2 November, 1922
  3. Captain Anselan J. B. Stirling, 1 November, 1922 – 15 October, 1924
  4. Captain Andrew B. Cunningham, 15 October, 1924 – 9 May, 1926
  5. Captain Roger L'E. M. Rede, 9 May, 1926 – 21 April, 1928

Commander in Charge, Port Edgar Base (1928)

  1. Commander Hugh B. Robinson, 21 April, 1928 – 1 October, 1928

Captain-in-Charge, Port Edgar (1941-1944)

  1. Captain D. Young Jamieson, 18 December, 1941 – 10 October, 1942.
  2. Captain H.M. Barnes, 10 October, 1942 – 10 October, 1944.