Plans Division

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Plans Division
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Division overview
FormedSeptember 1917
Preceding Division
  • Plans Section, Operations Division
DissolvedApril 1964
Superseding department
HeadquartersDepartment of Admiralty
London, Great Britain
Division executive
  • Director of Plans
Parent departmentDepartment of Admiralty
Parent OrganisationAdmiralty Naval Staff

The Plans Division [1] was the former war preparation and wartime strategic planning arm of the Admiralty Department from 1917 to 1964, The division originally became the main policy advisory and formulating body to the Chief of Naval Staff.[2] It later came under the supervision of the Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Policy).

When it transferred to the Navy Department it was renamed the Plans and Resources Division until 1971 it then became the Directorate of Naval Plans.


The Plans Division was established on 28 September 1917 it evolved out of the earlier Plans Section (Section 16) [3] of the Operations Division of the Naval Staff. Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff who's view was that plans and operations as functions should be separate and distinct.[4] The division existed until 1964 when the Admiralty department was abolished and its functions merged within a new Ministry of Defence and re-emerged as the Plans and Resources Division that was headed by the Director of Plans and Resources.

Director of Plans



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