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HMS Elissa (06-08.1943), HMS Cannae (10-12.1943-02. 1944.)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryFlag of France 1794 to 1815 and 1830 to 1958.png French Algeria
AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif British Empire
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Part ofMediterranean Station
(Jan. 1943)
Levant Command
(Feb 1943–Aug. 1943)
Mediterranean Station
(Sep 1943–Dec. 1943)
Garrison/HQRN Base, Bougie, French Algeria
In CommandNaval Officer-in-Charge, Phillippeville
FirstCommander S. A. Brooks.
LastActing Commander C.M. Evans-Thomas.

Phillippeville was a naval base and area command of the Royal Navy during World War Two, it was located in Algeria, North Africa. [1]


The Phoenicians and Carthaginians established a trading post and fort named rškd after Skikda's nearby cape. Falling under the Roman Empire after the Punic Wars, the name was Latinized as Rusicade or Rusiccade. Rusicade contained the largest Roman theatre in Algeria, dating to the reign of Hadrian.

In late antiquity, the port was destroyed during the Vandals' invasion of 530. The Byzantines reconquered the region in 533 and 534, but left large areas under Berber control. The town was overrun by the Umayyad Caliphate at the end of the 7th century. In 1838 it was renamed Phillippeville by Sylvain Charles Valée honoring the French king at the time.

During World War Two it was a base of operations of Allied Forces and the Royal navy.

In Command

Naval Officer-in-Charge, Phillippeville

  1. Commander S. A. Brooks, R.N. (retd), 1 January, 1943 - 9 August, 1943.[2]
  2. Acting Commander, P. E. Vaux, R.N. (retd), 9 August, 1943 - 3 October, 1943.[3]
  3. Acting Commander, C.M. Evans-Thomas, R.N. (retd), 3 October, 1943 - December, 1943.[4]
  4. Acting Commander,J. Murray, R.N. (retd), December, 1943. - February, 1944.[5]


Phillippeville is a Mediterranean port city on the Mediterranean Sea North Eastern Algeria today it is known as Skikda.


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