Penetanguishene Naval Yard

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Penetanguishene Naval Yard
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Penetanguishene, Ontario in Canada
TypeNaval Base and Naval Dockyard
Site information
OperatorRoyal Navy
Controlled byBoard of Admiralty Flag 19th to early 20th Century.gif Board of Admiralty
Site history
In use1813-1856

Penetanguishene Naval Yard or formally H.M. Naval Yard Penetanguishene or Penetanguishene Naval Establishment was a Royal Navy dockyard from 1834 to 1856 in Ontario, Canada.


Land was first acquired in 1798 near Penetanguishene and a base finally built in 1813, but it was abandoned in 1815 at the end of the War of 1812. It was reinstated in 1816 and remained in naval service until 1834. The base served as the headquarters of the Lake Huron fleet of the Provincial Marine until 1834. The navy transferred the base to the army and continued until 1856. The base also served northwestern supply routes and provided general surveillance of the upper Great Lakes. The base is now rebuilt as part of the Penetanguishene's Historic Naval and Military Establishment. B. Napier Simpson, Jr. 1925-1978, a restoration architect in Ontario devoted his professional life to raising public awareness of the importance of heritage conservation including the Penetanguishene's Historic Naval and Military Establishment. project,[1] now known as Discovery Harbour.


The navy base and army depot comprise 15 buildings, including:

  • officers barracks
  • warehouses
  • offices
  • King's Wharf
  • 3 storehouses

Ships built at the Yard

Vessels built or stationed here:


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