North Sea Squadron

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North Sea Squadron
Tudor Green Ensign 1485 to 1603.gif
Tudor Green Ensign 1485 to 1603
AllegianceFlag Kingdom of England.gif Kingdom of England
BranchTudor Green Ensign 1485 to 1603.gif Navy Royal
RoleTrade Protection
Part ofRoyal Navy
Garrison/HQYarmouth Roads
Vice-Admiral, Sir John Dudley, Earl of Warwick

The North Sea Squadron was a temporary Naval Formation of the Tudor Navy Royal during the sixteenth century operating out of Ramsgate. The Squadron was commanded usually by the Vice-Admiral in the North Sea.

Historical Background

The North Sea has traditionally been an important command from the 13th to 15th centuries there was an Admiral of the North based at Yarmouth he commanded the Northern Fleet. During the 16th Admirals and Vice Admirals were appointed to the command in the North Sea though on an adhoc basis. From 1652-1654 Yarmouth used by the Royal Navy for stationing its North Sea Fleet during the First Anglo-Dutch War[1]. A more permanent formation the North Sea Fleet was then established in 1745.[2]

In command

Vice-Admiral in the North Sea


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