Navy Island Naval Shipyard

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HM Naval Yard, Navy Island
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Part of North America Station North America and Lakes of Canada Station (1816-1818)
Niagara River, Ontario in Canada
Site information
OperatorRoyal Navy
Controlled byNavy Board
Site history
In use1763-1818
Installation information
Resident Commissioner at Quebec

Navy Island Naval Shipyard was a British Royal Naval Dockyard located on the Niagara River, Ontario, Canada. The yard was managed by the Navy Board and operated by the Royal Navy. It was active from 1763 to 1818.


Located on Navy Island in the Niagara River, Canada it served as a French naval base in the early 18th century and was acquired by the British in 1763. The Royal Navy used it for their Lake Erie fleet during the War of 1812. Abandoned by the navy with the passage of the Rush-Bagot Treaty in 1817 and was closed down in 1818. It was formally acquired by Canada in 1822.