Navy Board (Imperial Chinese Navy)

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Navy Board (Haijun Yamen)
Flag and Naval Ensign of China 1889 to 1912.png
Naval Ensign of the Imperial Chinese Navy
AllegianceQing Empire
Part ofMinistry of the Navy
Navy HQShanghai, China
Imperial Naval ForcesImperial Chinese Navy
Beiyang Fleet
Fujian Fleet
Guangdong Fleet
Nanyang Fleet
Political HeadImperial Chinese Navy Secretary

The Navy Board (Haijun Yamen) was established in September, 1885 by the Qing government to oversee all Naval Affairs (Shuishe Yamen) and to centralise administration of the Imperial Chinese Navy. It existed until 1912..[1]


Following the defeat of the Imperial Chinese Navy by the French Navy during the Sino-French War (1884-1885) Qing government officials advised the Guangxu Emperor, Zaitian of the need to establish a centralised Navy Board or navy office to manage strategic naval affairs nationally.[1] In September, 1885 the board was formally constituted and funds were diverted from the Sea Defence Fund. It existed until 1912 when the Qing government was overthrown.[1]

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