Naval Personnel Department

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Naval Personnel Department
Flag of the the Navy Board 1975 to 2003.png
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
Agency executive
Parent agencyNavy Department

The Naval Personnel Department was a major component of the Navy Department headed by the Chief of Naval Personnel it oversaw all matters in relation to manning, mobilisation and other personnel questions relating to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.

Department Organisation

Department of the Director of Manning (1966-1973)

Department of the Medical Director-General of the Navy (1964-1966)

Renamed Medical Department (Naval) in 1966

Directorate General Training (1964-1972)

Renamed to the Directorate-General, Naval Manpower and Training in 1972.

Directorate-General Naval Manpower and Training (1972-1996)

Renamed to the Naval Recruitment Training Agency in 1996.

Directorate of Naval Foreign and Commonwealth Training

The directorate is responsible for training in the UK for Foreign and Commonwealth navies.

Directorate of Naval Manning and Training (Engineering)

The directorate is responsible for the Engineering Branches structure, manning and training; submarine manpower and training.

Directorate of Naval Manning and Training (Seaman)

The Directorate is responsible for general training (officers and ratings); Seaman branch structure, manning and training.

Directorate of Naval Manning and Training (Supply and Secretariat)

The directorate is responsible for the structure, manning and training of the Fleet Air Arm, Supply and Secretariat and the Women's Royal Naval Service.

Directorate of Naval Manpower Requirements

Responsible for ship and shore complementing (naval and civilian).

Directorate of Naval Training Support

The directorate is responsible for education and training technology; training equipment; instructional films.

Directorate of Naval Manpower Planning

Responsible for manpower planning; long term costings and policy; general manning; mobilisation.

Joint Warfare Establishment

Naval Education Service

The service is responsible for Education, resettlement and vocational training, Instructor Branch policy, structure, manning and training.

  • Director of the Naval Education Service

Naval Manpower Statistics Branch

Directorate-General Naval Personal Services

Directorate-General, Naval Recruiting (1968-1976)

Directorate-General, Naval Recruiting

Medical Department (Naval) (1966-still active)

  • Medical Department (Naval)
  • Office of the Medical Director-General (Naval)
    • Deputy Director-General (Naval)
    • Director Naval Dental Services
    • Director of Medical Personnel and Logistics
  • Director of Naval Recruiting
  • Women's Royal Naval Service Headquarters
  • Office of the Matron-in-Chief Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
    • Matron-in-Chief Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service

Naval Chaplaincy Services

Responsible for the administration of Chaplains and the general direction of policy for the Anglican Church in the Royal Navy.

Naval Manning Agency (1996-2002)

Naval Recruitment Training Agency (1996-2005)

Office of the Admiral Commanding, Reserves (1964-1976)

Office of the Chaplain of the Fleet

  • Chaplain of the Fleet
    • Principal Chaplain Church of Scotland & Free Churches (Naval)
    • Principal Roman Catholic Chaplain (Naval)
became (Naval Chaplaincy Services)