Naval Home Command

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Naval Home Command
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CountryUnited Kingdom
Garrison/HQDockyard Commissioner's house, Portsmouth Naval Base, Portsmouth

Naval Home Command was a major command of the Royal Navy created in July 1969 as a result of the merger of the Portsmouth Station and Plymouth Station. It existed until October 2012 when it was abolished.


Prior to the formation of this command the Royal Navy has usually been split into several commands, each with its own Commander-in-Chief. In July 1969 Naval Home Command was created when it absorbed the former responsibilities of the Portsmouth Station and Plymouth Station. As a result of changes in the shore organisation of the Royal Navy four new area/regional commands were created Medway Area Command, Plymouth Area Command, Portsmouth Area Command and Scotland and Northern Ireland. Naval Home Command was controlled and directed by the Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command (CINCNAVHOME). In 1994 the post of Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command was unified with that of the Second Sea Lord following the rationalisation of the British Armed Forces following the end of the Cold War. In 2012, separate existing senior commands were discontinued, with full operational command being vested instead in the First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff.

In Command

Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command

Offices under Naval Home Command



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