Naval Education Service

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Naval Education Service
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Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
Parent agencyDepartment of Admiralty (1951-1964)
Navy Department (1964-1978)

The Naval Education Service was a branch of the British Royal Navy responsible for the provision of education for naval personnel, and it ran schools for the children of Royal Navy personnel.


It was originally known as the Education Department.[1] of the Admiralty from 1914 until 1951 when it was renamed the Naval Education Service. It was under the control of the Office of the Second Sea Lord.[2] It was abolished in 1978. Some of its functions have now been taken over by Service Children's Education.

The Director of Education (later Adviser on Naval Education) was a civilian employed within the Admiralty who was responsible for providing advice on non-professional education from 1903 until 1936, when naval officers took over responsibility.[3]

In Command

Director of the Naval Education Service

  • Instructor Rear-Admiral Sir William Bishop, 1951−1956 (and Head of the Instructor Branch)
  • Instructor Rear-Admiral Sir John Fleming, 1956−1960 (ditto)
  • Instructor Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Darlington, 1960−1965 (ditto)
  • Instructor Rear-Admiral Albert Bellamy, 1965−1970 (ditto)
  • Instructor Rear-Admiral Brinley Morgan, 1970−1975 (ditto)
  • Instructor Rear-Admiral John Bell, 1975−1978 (ditto)


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