Naval Air Stations, Pacific

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Naval Air Stations, Pacific
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
ActiveOctober 1945
DisbandedSeptember 1948
CountryFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
TypeShore Command
Part ofBritish Pacific Fleet
Garrison/HQSydney, Australia
FirstRear-Admiral Reginald Henry Portal
LastRear Admiral Reginald Henry Portal

Naval Air Stations, Pacific was a shore command established in October, 1945 following a renaming of the earlier command Naval Air Stations, Australia.[1] It was headquartered in Sydney, Australia and was a component of the British Pacific Fleet.[2] It was commanded by the Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations, Pacific. The command was responsible the supply of replacement aircrews, aircraft, and engines to the combat area.[3] It was also responsible for training aircrews in Australia to meet the fleet’s requirements. On 15 September, 1948 the British Pacific Fleet officially ceased to exist along with this command.[4]

In Command

Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations, Pacific

Components in this command

Mobile Operational Naval Air Bases (MONABs) were a series of mobile units first formed in 1944 to provide logistical support to the Fleet Air Arm aircraft of the Royal Navy's British Pacific Fleet towards the end of World War II. Ten MONABs were established, most were based in Australia.

Unit Location 1945-1946
MONAB I Australia ditto
MONAB II ditto ditto
MONAB III ditto ditto
MONAB IV Papua New Guinea ditto
MONAB V Australia ditto
MONAB VI ditto ditto
MONAB VII ditto ditto
MONAB VIII Hong Kong ditto
MONAB XI Singapore ditto


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