Medway Command

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Medway Command
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchRoyal Navy
RoleArea Command
Part ofNaval Home Command
Garrison/HQChatham Naval Base, England

Medway Command [1] also known as the Medway Naval Command was an area command of the Royal Navy created in February 1961 when the Admiral-Superintendent Chatham was given additional responsibilities as a local area commander and additional title that of Flag Officer, Medway. The command existed until 1983 when it was abolished.


On 7 March 1960 following a House of Commons debate on changes within the command organisation of the Royal Navy during peace time the existing Admiral-Superintendent Chatham was to be given the additional responsibilities as a local area commander and additional title that of Flag Officer Medway,[2] this was enacted in February 1961 with the appointment of Rear-Admiral I.William T. Beloe holding both titles. On 14 October 1968 it was later announced in the House Commons debate on the Ministry of Defence discussing part of the changes in the Naval Shore Command Organisation in the United Kingdom were to be centralised under a single Naval Home Command resulting in the naval command areas the Portsmouth Station and Plymouth Station being downgraded subordinate local area commands.[3] On 5 September 1971, all remaining Flag Officers in the Royal Navy holding positions of Admiral Superintendents at Royal Dockyards were re-designated as Port Admirals.[4] Flag Officer, Medway continued to hold the dual title of Port Admiral, Chatham until the appointment Rear-Admiral William A. Higgins in August 1982 as the final office holder when this command was abolished in 1983.

In Command

Flag Officer, Medway


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