Master-Shipwright, Kinsale Dockyard

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Master-Shipwright, Kinsale Dockyard
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AppointerBoard of Admiralty
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The Master Shipwright, Kinsale Dockyard was first a Navy Royal appointment first created in 1647, then later a Commonwealth Navy appointment and finally Royal Navy appointment. The appointee was in charge of shipbuilding, ship repair, ship maintenance and management of the associated workforce at Kinsale Dockyard until 1744.


The Master-Shipwright was as one of the principal officers of Royal Naval Dockyards from 1550 until 1875 when their title was changed to Chief Constructor.

Office Holders


  • 1647-1652, John Chudeleigh [2]
  • 1653-1676, Thomas Chudleigh [3]
  • 1702-1705, Richard Stacey
  • 1705-1711, John Philips
  • 1711-1714, John Philips
  • 1714-1743, John Hayward
  • 1744, Thomas Fearne


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