Master-Attendant, Halifax Dockyard

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Master-Attendant, Halifax Dockyard
Board of Admiralty Flag 19th to early 20th Century.gif
Reports toNavy Board
AppointerBoard of Admiralty
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–2 years)

The Master-Attendant Halifax was British officer appointed to the Halifax Dockyard, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was one of the Principal Officers of the Yard from 1758 until 1875 when his title was changed to Staff Captain (Dockyard) e.g. Staff Captain, Halifax Dockyard. The post holder was appointed by the Board of Admiralty but reported to the Navy Board.[1]

Office Holders

Incomplete list of post holders included:[2][3][4]

  1. 1758, Richard Hamilton
  2. 1763, David Hooper[5]
  3. 1780–1787, Samuel Hemmens[6]
  4. 1788–1799, Thomas Read[7]
  5. 1799–1802, John Jackson[8]
  6. 1806, John Parry
  7. 1807–1810, Thomas Atkinson[9]
  8. 1815–1827, John Douglas


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