Master-Attendant, Deptford Dockyard

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Master-Attendant, Deptford Dockyard
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Flag of the Navy Board 1578 to 1800
AppointerBoard of Admiralty
Term lengthNot fixed

The Master-Attendant, Deptford Dockyard was Royal Navy appointment and one of the principal officers of Deptford Dockyard from 1702 until 1791. The post holder was appointed by the Board of Admiralty but reported to the Navy Board.

In 1875 the title of Master-Attendant was changed to Staff Captain (Dockyard) e.g. Staff Captain, Chatham Dockyard.

Office Holders

This officer of the royal dockyards, was appointed to assist at, the fitting-out or dismantling, removing or securing vessels of war, &c.and at the port where he was resident post holders included:[1]

  1. 1702 Feb-May, William Wright.
  2. 1702-1703, Thomas Jennings.
  3. 1703-1705, Thomas Harlow.
  4. 1705-1706, Richard Clarke.
  5. 1706-1707, John Knapp.
  6. 1712-1720, Thomas Harlow.
  7. 1720-1739, Walter Lunn.
  8. 1739-1744, John Goodwin.
  9. 1744, Nov-Dec, Piercy Brett.
  10. 1744-1747, Richard Dennis.
  11. 1747-1755, John Goodwin.
  12. 1755-1770, Edward Collingwood.
  13. 1770-1776, Thomas Cosway.
  14. 1776-1786, Roger Gastrill.
  15. 1786-1791, Benjamin Hunter.


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