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Naval History Archive is a wiki mainly focused on the U.K there are currently 2,231 content pages on this wiki.
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Naval history is the area of military history concerning war at sea and the subject is also a sub-discipline of the broader field of maritime history. This wiki was established in March 2019 its primary focus will be on the history of the navies of England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. First of all, we would like to make it clear that this site is not a rigorous academic site, and there maybe plenty of mistakes and oversights on our part; for which we apologise in advance. Our interest in the subject is purely that of a personal journey of discovery; to give ourselves a reason to research what we regard as a fascinating subject

Originally there were three separate Regional Admiralties all established in the late 13th century, they were at various times unified into two larger commands. Two of these admiralties survived until the beginning of the 15th century when they gradually unified into a single central command between 1412 and 1414 where it became known as Admiralty Office (later called the Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office) was initially directed and controlled by the High Admiral of England.

As the navy was growing the workload of the Admiralty Office was deemed to much responsibility for one person and a small staff to manage alone namely the Lord Admiral of England. This lead to the creation of a commission called the Council of the Marine in 1546 later called the Navy Board. It became responsible for the civil and logistical administration of the Navy Royal through the Navy Office. The Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office was then left to concentrate on policy making and military operations, this dual system remained unchanged for the next 300 years.

In 1628 the Office of the Lord Admiral of England was placed in the hands of a commission known as the Board of Admiralty. In 1690 the Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office officially became a civil department of state called the Admiralty it was controlled by a government minister known as the First Lord of the Admiralty In 1689 the post of Senior Naval Lord was established as the chief naval adviser to the First Lord, he was a serving naval officer usually an Admiral. His office later evolved through name changes becoming as the First Sea Lord. In 1832 the Navy Board and Navy Office was abolished and their functions were unified into the Department of Admiralty. In 1912 the navy's first professional military staff organisation was created known as the Admiralty War Staff it was renamed in 1917 as the Admiralty Naval Staff headed by the Chief of Naval Staff. In 1964 the Admiralty was unified along with two other government service ministries the Air Ministry and War Office into an enlarged Ministry of Defence where it became known as the Navy Department.


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Pictured above is H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth and H.M.S. Prince of Wales, aircraft carriers docking at Portsmouth Naval Base,England on 4 December 2019.