Madras Dockyard

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HMI Dockyard, Madras
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Part of East Indies Station
Bombay in India
TypeNaval Base and Naval Dockyard
Site information
OperatorRoyal Indian Navy
Royal Navy
Controlled byNavy Board
Site history
In use1796-1813
Installation information
Superintendent Bombay Marine
Resident Commissioner Bombay
OccupantsEast India Marine
Bombay Marine
Royal Navy East Indies Squadron
Royal Indian Navy

Madras Dockyard or formally His Majesty's Indian Dockyard, Madras was originally a Naval Dockyard developed by the East India Company. It was formally established as a Royal Naval Dockyard overseas in 1796 and a base of the East Indies Station when the Department of Admiralty in London took over it. The yard was initially managed by the Navy Board. In 1813 the yard was closed and its staff transferred to Trincomalee Dockyard in Ceylon.

The yard was used by both the Royal Indian Navy and Royal Navy.


During the Napoleonic Wars the Royal Navy took over Madras Dockyard in (1796) then later Bombay Dockyard in (1811), both of which had been dockyards of the East India Company long before the Navy took charge. Several warships were built under contract in these yards in the early eighteenth century, as was HMS Trincomalee (launched in 1817 and still afloat). The Madras Dockyard closed in 1813, transferring all key staff and stores to Trincomalee Dockyard in Ceylon

Administration of the Dockyard

Resident Commissioner Madras