Kronshtadt Station

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Kronshtadt Station
Royal Navy Blue Ensign 1799 to 1801.gif
Ensign of the C-in-C, Kronshtadt
CountryKingdom of Great Britain
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
TypeNaval Station
Garrison/HQKronstadt, Russian Empire

Kronstadt was a naval station and command of the British Royal Navy headquartered at Kronstadtl, Russian Empire from 1727 to 1741.[1]

The station was commanded by the Commander-in-Chief, Kronshtadt.[2]


Kronstadt was founded by Peter the Great, whose Imperial Russian forces took the island of Kotlin from the Swedes during the Great Northern War in 1703. In the early 18th century British merchants settled both in Kronstadt and in St Petersburg itself and for a time dominated both inward and outward trade, especially in the reign of Catherine the Great. They became an integral part of British trade and foreign policy through the Board of Trade in London. In 1727 the Department of Admiralty established a permanent naval station under the control and direction of the Commander-in-Chief, Kronshtadt who was also assigned to the Imperial Russian Navy.[3] The station existed until 1741 when it was deactivated. A number of the British settlers became naturalised Russians.

In Command

Commander-in-Chief, Kronshtadt


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