Kowloon Naval Yard

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HM Naval Yard, Kowloon
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Part of China Station (1865-1941)
Hong Kong Station (1941-1959)
Kowloon, Hong Kong in China
TypeNaval Dockyard
Site information
OperatorRoyal Navy
Controlled byNavy Board (Ministry of Defence), UK.
Site history
In use1858-1959
Installation information
OccupantsRoyal Navy China Squadron

Kowloon Naval Yard or formally His Majesty's Naval Yard, Kowloon was a Royal Naval Dockyard developed by the Department of Admiralty beginning in 1858.[1] It was initially a repair and resupply base of the China Station until 1941 then later Hong Kong Station. The yard was initially managed by the Board of Admiralty and operated by the Royal Navy until 1959 when it was closed.


Kowloon Dockyard in 1945.© Imperial War Museum, London.

The Royal Navy also operated at the Kowloon Naval Yard from 1858 to 1959 (which is different from the Hong Kong & Whampoa dockyard at Hung Hom, known as the Kowloon Dockyard); this was primarily a Royal Naval Coaling Station. Today part of the base is now part of the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison since 1997 and rest became the Tamar Complex Central Government Complex (Hong Kong).;


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