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HMS Boadicia II (1915-1919)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif United Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Part ofCoast of Ireland Station (1816-1919)
Western Approaches Station (1919-1920)
Garrison/HQR.N. Base, Kingston
In CommandCommodore in Charge, Kingstown
FirstCaptain Henry F. Aplin
LastCommodore, Second Class R.N.R. John Denison

Kingstown was a naval base and area command of the British Royal Navy located at coastal port of Kingstown in the traditional county of Dublin in Ireland. It was established in 1816 and was handed over to the Irish Free State in 1920 when it was renamed Dún Laoghaire.

The command was controlled and directed by the Commodore in Charge, Kingstown.[1]


Dunleary was a small town until the British marked it as a potential new port close to Dublin. Construction of a new port was authorised in 1816 and when King George IV came to visit the new port under construction in 1821, the name Dunleary was dropped in favour of the name Kingstown.[2]

Kingstown was a base for armed patrol trawlers between 1915 and 1919. The shore establishment at Kingstown was called HMS Boadicia II. Over fifty trawlers were based at Kingstown during WW1 performing minesweeping and anti-submarine operations in the Irish Sea but many warships visited the port throughout WW1.[3][4]

The town reverted to the name Dunleary in 1920 when the port was handed back to the Irish Free State.[5]

Naval HQ

Rear-Admiral in Charge, Kingstown (1915)

  1. Rear-Admiral, Evelyn Robert Le Marchant, February – 17 December 1915.

Commodore in Charge, Kingstown (1915-1916)

  1. Captain Henry F. Aplin, 17 December, 1915 – 4 June, 1916. (retd).[6]
  2. Captain Herbert Chatterton, 4 June, 1916 – 10 May, 1917.[7]

Rear-Admiral in Charge, Kingstown (1917)

  1. Rear-Admiral Herbert Chatterton, April, 1917– 10 May, 1917.[8]

Commodore in Charge, Kingstown (1917-1919)

  1. Commodore, Second Class R.N.R. John Denison, 2 May, 1917 - 1919.[9]

Auxiliary Patrol Area XVI (Kingstown)

Auxiliary Patrol Area XVI was responsible for the Irish Channel, bases at Liverpool, Kingstown and Belfast. It was an additional responsibility forted the commander in charge at Kingstown in this capacity he also reported to the Admiral of Patrols.

Senior Officer in Charge, Auxiliary Patrol Area XVI

  1. Captain Henry F. Aplin, January, 1916 – 4 June, 1916.
  2. Captain Herbert Chatterton, 4 June, 1916 – 10 May, 1917.
  3. Commodore, Second Class R.N.R. John Denison, 2 May, 1917 - 1919.


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