Kilindini Dockyard

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HM Dockyard, Kilindini
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
HMS Simba
Part of East Indies Station
Kilindini, Mombasa in British Kenya
TypeNaval Dockyard
Site information
OperatorRoyal Indian Navy
Royal Navy
Controlled byBoard of Admiralty Flag 20th Century.png Board of Admiralty
Site history
In use1943-1965
Installation information
Admiral-Superintendent, Kilindini
OccupantsEastern Fleet
East Indies Fleet

Kilindini Dockyard was a Royal Naval Dockyard that was part of HM Naval Base, Kilindini built during world war two to service both the Eastern Fleet then later East Indies Fleet.


In 1887, the British East Africa Association assumed administrative authority for the Port of Mombasa, and the Sultan formally transferred the town to the British in 1898. It soon became the capital and part of the British East Africa Protectorate and the rail terminal at the sea for the Uganda Railway. Workers from British India were imported to build the railway, bringing new prosperity to the Port of Mombasa.

In 1895, the Port of Mombasa became part of the British Kenya protectorate, although the area was nominally under the rule of Zanzibar. During World War II, while Kenya was a British colony, Kilindini became the temporary base of the British Eastern Fleet from early 1942 until the Japanese naval threat to Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) had been removed. From November 1944 the dockyard was used to service the East Indies Fleet. The Port of Mombasa including Kilindini naval base and dockyard was officially part of Zanzibar until it was incorporated into the new independent state of Kenya in 1963.

In Command

The aircraft carrier HMS Bulwark in Kilidini Harbour in 1960 the dockyard can be seen above.

Commander HM Dockyard, Kilindini (1942-1943)

Admiral-Superintendent, Kilindini (1943-1945)

  1. Rear-Admiral Charles Gage Stuart, 8 February, 1943 – 11 January 1944.[1]
  2. Rear-Admiral: Richard Lorne Shelley, 11 January 1944 – January 1945.[2]


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