John de Felton

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Sir John de Felton
Litcham, Norfolk, England
Litcham, Norfolk, England
AllegianceRoyal Arms of England.png Kingdom of England
Service/branchFlag Kingdom of England.gif English Navy
Years of service1310-1326
Commands heldAdmiral of the Western Fleet

Admiral Sir John de Felton, Bart. born in 1280 and died in May 1344 was, an English Knight and military commander who was appointed Admiral of the West in 1325 by Edward II of England.


John de Felton, of Litcham, son and heir. He was in the Army of Scotland in 1310, and was knighted, 13 November 1310. On 26 November 1314 he was appointed Keeper of Alnwick Castle and the manor Alnwick at Northumberland. Then in the King's hand by reason of the minority of Henry de Percy, during pleasure: on 30 December 1315 he was reappointed, on different terms, also during pleasure. On 27 November 1317 he had been captured by the Scots [emulos suos), so that lie could not then perform his duties as Keeper of Alnwick. A few days afterwards, 6 December, he was Constable of the Castle of Newcastle-on-Tyne. On 13 November 1318 he was ordered to deliver the castle and manor of Alnwick to Henry de Percy. He was, in the same month, about to go to Gascony with William de Mountagu, Seneschal of that province. He was Keeper of Ellesmere Castle, Salop, 8 September 1320 to 19 June 1321.

He was appointed Keeper of Red Castle, Salop, 18 January, and of the manor of Hodnet, Salop, 22 January 1321/2, both during pleasure. As Keeper of Red Castle, he was ordered, 16 February 1321/2, to join the King at Coventry on the first Sunday in Lent [28 February] following, to set out against the Scots and the contrariants. He was ordered to deliver the castle and manor to Roger Carles, 24 March 1321/2, but this order was cancelled, 10 April following. He was ordered to deliver up the manor of Hodnet, 20 December 1322. In May 1324 he was summoned to attend the Great Council. In June 1324 he was about to go to Gascony on the King's service. He was one of the three Admirals of England in 1325 and was appointed Admiral of the West. On 20 March 1325/6 he was granted, for life, the castle of Lyonshall, County Hereford, late of William Tuchet, a rebel. He remained faithful to Edward II to the last.

On 14 October 1326, the King, then at Tintern, ordered him to remain in the march of Wales for its defence against the rebels. Soon afterwards, the King, when at Caerphilly, appointed him Constable of Caerphilly Castle, where be sustained a siege by the Queen's party: this was first directed by Roger de Chaundos. On 30 December 1326, and again, 15 February 1326/7, letters were sent him from Kenilworth ordering him, on pain of forfeiture, to deliver the castle and the King's goods therein, in the first case, to the said Roger, and in the second, to William la Zousche of Ashby. These orders proved ineffectual, although pardons were issued to him and his garrison at short intervals, 4 January, 10, 15 and 20 February 1326/7, and he still held out against William la Zousche, until Hugh, son of Hugh le Despenser the younger, who was in the castle, and had been specially excepted from pardon, was included, 20 March 1326/7.


Sir John de Felton was the son of Sir Robert de Felton, 1st Lord Felton and Hawise le Strange and his brother was Sir Robert de Felton. He married Sibyl who was born in 1290 in Litcham, Norfolk, England in 1311 in Litcham, Norfolk, England after she became Baroness Sibyl De Felton. He was living in 1334 he died in 1344 and his wife held half a knight's fee in Litcham in 1346.

They had the following children:

  1. John de Felton 1 was born 1312 in Litcham, Norfolk, England. He died Jun 1334 in Norwich, Norfolk, England.
  2. Sir Hamon De Felton, 3rd Baron Felton, Knight was born 1315 and died 1 Aug 1379.
  3. Sir Thomas de Felton K.G. was born 1320 and died 26 Apr 1381.
  4. Sir Edmund de Felton Knight was born 1323.