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HMS Imaum (1848-1862)
HMS Aboukir(1862-1877)
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CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Part ofRoyal Navy
Garrison/HQJamaica Dockyard, Port Royal, Jamaica

Jamaica also known as the Jamaica Division[1] was a naval command area and subcommand of the Royal Navy's North America and West Indies Station. It was based at the Jamaica Dockyard, at Port Royal in Jamaica from 1838 to 1905.[2]


In 1830 The Jamaica Station merged with the Newfoundland Station and North America Station to form the North America, West Indies and Newfoundland Station until 1837 when that station was renamed the North America and West Indies Station. In 1838 at the same time the Admiralty established subordinate command to the new enlarged command, but this was at Jamaica and was also known as the Jamaica Division, the commanding officer was known as the Commodore at Jamaica from 1838 to 1865

However this Commodore at Jamaica had a wider geographic area of responsibility in relation to his post covering all of the West Indies, he was additionally styled as Senior Officer, West Indies. In 1865 former titles were dropped and a single command remained under a new commanding officer know as the Commodore-in-Charge, Jamaica until March, 1905. This command also administered the naval base at Port Royal and the Jamaica Dockyard

Following World War One a Jamaica command was reestablished when Captain Alexander K. Jones was appointed Senior Naval Officer, Jamaica from 24 August, 1918 to 15 August, 1919.[3] In 1951, the Bermuda Dockyard closed after which the new post of Senior Naval Officer, West Indies (SNOWI) was established as the West Indies Sub-Area Command under the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet. The office holder would hold the rank of Commodore.[4]

In Command

Commodore at Jamaica (1838-1865)

Commodore-in- Charge, Jamaica (1865-1905)

Senior Naval Officer, Jamaica (1918-1919)

  1. Captain Alexander K. Jones , 24 August, 1918 - 15 August, 1919.[5]


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