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HMS Stag (8.1942-12.1943)
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CountryUnited Kingdom
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
In CommandVarious titles
FirstCaptain Colpoys C. Walcott
LastCommodore, Second Class William E. Parry

Haifa was a naval base and command of the Royal Navy established in 1919, it was a port city in the eastern Mediterranean, on the coast of what was then Palestine today Israel.


Port of Haifa c. 1948 to 1951

Haifa Bay has been a refuge for mariners since prehistoric times. When the Crusaders conquered Haifa in the year 1100, it became an important town and the main port for Tiberias, the capital of the Galilee. The port fell into disrepair during the Mamluk reign, and acquired the reputation of a pirate lair in the 18th century. Until the beginning of the 20th century, Acre served as the main port for the region. However, the port eventually became clogged with silt, and was unable to accommodate large ships.

Haifa was captured from the Ottomans in September 1918 by Indian horsemen of the British Army. Under the British Mandate, Haifa saw large-scale development and became an industrial port city. Haifa's development owed much to British plans to make it a central port and hub for Middle-East crude oil. The British Government of Palestine developed the port and built refineries, thereby facilitating the rapid development of the city as a center for the country's heavy industries.

Construction of the port began in 1922, and it was officially opened on 31 October 1933 by Lieut. Gen. Sir Arthur Wauchope, the British High Commissioner for Palestine.

Naval HQ

Naval Transport Officer in Charge, Palestine Coast (1919)

  1. Lieutenant-Commander Robert Beaufin Irving, R.N.R. 31 July, 1919.[1]

Naval Officer in Charge, Haifa (1935-39)

  1. Captain Colpoys Cleland Walcott, 16 December, (rtd), 1935 – 12 November, 1939

Naval Officer-in-Charge, Palestinian Ports (1940-43)

  1. Captain Guy Onslow Lydekker, 25 June, 1940 – December, 1943


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