Gardner's Office

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Gardner's Office
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Office overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the United Kingdom
HeadquartersAdmiralty Building
Office executive
  • Admiralty Gardner
Parent OfficeAdmiralty Secretariat

The Gardner's Office was a department of the British Admiralty established in 1700 the office was responsible the general maintenance of the grounds and gardens of the Admiralty building. The office was administered by the Admiralty Gardener appointed by the Board of Admiralty and it existed until 1827 when it was abolished.[1]


The Board of Admiralty approved the appointment of an Admiralty Gardner in 1700 and an office was first established within the Admiralty and Marine Affairs Office. The office holder was firstly responsible general maintenance of the grounds and gardens of the Admiralty buildings of the later Department of Admiralty. The office existed until 1827 when it was abolished.[2]

Head of the Office

Head Messenger


  • 1700–1716 — F. Cooke.
  • 1716–1717 — F. Cooke. and J. Cooke (father and son jointly)
  • 1717–1741 — J. Cooke.
  • 1741–1786 — J. Tucker.
  • 1786–1812 — D. Combe.
  • 1812–1827 — W. Kitchen.


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