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Office of the Fourth Sea Lord
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Department of the Admiralty
Member ofBoard of Admiralty
Reports toFirst Sea Lord
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
AppointerPrime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed
Inaugural holderRear Admiral Sir Hugh Tothill

The Fourth Sea Lord originally known as the Fourth Naval Lord was formerly one of the Naval Lords and members of the Board of Admiralty which controlled the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom the post is currently known as the Chief of Fleet Support.


The origin of this appointment dates back to 1830 when the post of Fourth Naval Lord was created it lasted until 1868. In 1869 a new office replacing the former was created called the Junior Naval Lord this title remained so until 1904 when that office was renamed Fourth Sea Lord. In 1917 the Fourth Sea Lord was given the additional joint title of Chief of Naval Supplies and Transport until 1964 when the office was abolished following the merger of the Department of Admiralty into the Ministry of Defence where it became the Navy Department. This role however did not completely disappear, the same year his additional title was renamed Chief of Fleet Support and that office continued until 2012.

Office holders

Included: [1]

  1. Captain Frederick Inglefield 1904–1907
  2. Rear Admiral Sir Alfred Winsloe 1907–1910
  3. Rear Admiral Sir Charles Madden 1910–1911
  4. Rear Admiral Sir William Pakenham 1911–1913
  5. Rear Admiral Sir Cecil Lambert 1913–1916
  6. Rear Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey 1916–1917
  7. Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Tothill May 1917–1919
  8. Captain Sir Ernle Chatfield 1919–1920
  9. Vice Admiral The Hon. Sir Algernon Boyle 1920–1924
  10. Rear Admiral Sir John Kelly 1924–1927
  11. Rear Admiral Sir William Fisher 1927–1928
  12. Vice Admiral Sir Vernon Haggard 1928–1930
  13. Vice Admiral Sir Lionel Preston 1930–1932
  14. Rear Admiral Sir Geoffrey Blake 1932–1935
  15. Vice Admiral Sir Percy Noble 1935–1937
  16. Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Arbuthnot 1937–1941
  17. Vice Admiral Sir John Cunningham 1941–1943
  18. Vice Admiral Frank Pegram 1943–1944
  19. Vice Admiral Sir Arthur Palliser 1944–1946
  20. Vice Admiral Sir Douglas Fisher 1946–1948
  21. Vice Admiral Sir Herbert Packer 1948–1950
  22. Vice Admiral The Earl Mountbatten 1950–1952
  23. Vice Admiral Sir Sydney Raw 1952–1954
  24. Vice Admiral Sir Frederick Parham 1954–1955
  25. Vice Admiral Sir Dymock Watson 1955–1958
  26. Vice Admiral Sir Gordon Hubback 1958–1959
  27. Vice Admiral Sir Nicholas Copeman 1959–1960
  28. Vice Admiral Sir Michael Villiers 1960–1964
  29. Vice Admiral Sir Raymond Hawkins 1964

Departments under the office

At various times this office superintended the following Admiralty Departments:[2][3][4][5][6]

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