Former Flag Appointments of the Royal Navy (United Kingdom & Ireland)

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Former Flag Appointments of the Royal Navy
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Department of Admiralty
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Listed here are Former Flag Senior Officers Appointments of the Royal Navy given to senior commanders holding the ranks of Commodore up to Admirals of the Fleet. For ease of navigation appointments are listed by geographic areas. They include appointments to Sea Commands also known as Sea Going Commands, Shore Commands, Support Commands and so forth. The largest grouping of appointments are for the United Kingdom and Ireland these are listed first.

United Kingdom and Ireland


  1. Admiral (Air)
  2. Admiral of Patrols
  3. Admiral of the Narrow Seas

Admirals Commanding

  1. Admiral Commanding Coastguard and Reserves
  2. Admiral Commanding on the Coast of Scotland
  3. Admiral Commanding, Orkney's and Shetlands

Admirals Superintendent

  1. Admiral-Superintendent of Naval Reserves
  2. Admiral-Superintendent, Chatham Dockyard
  3. Admiral-Superintendent, Devonport Dockyard
  4. Admiral-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard
  5. Admiral-Superintendent, Plymouth Dockyard
  6. Admiral-Superintendent, Portsmouth Dockyard
  7. Admiral-Superintendent, Rosyth Dockyard
  8. Admiral-Superintendent, Sheerness Dockyard

Assistant Chiefs

  1. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff
  2. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Air)
  3. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Foreign)
  4. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Home)
  5. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operational Requirements)
  6. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations and Air)
  7. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Operations)
  8. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Support)
  9. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (U Boats and Trade)
  10. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Warfare)
  11. Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Weapons)


  1. Captain of the Fleet, Atlantic Fleet
  2. Captain of the Fleet, Grand Fleet
  3. Captain of the Fleet, Home Fleet


  1. Chief Inspector of Naval Ordnance
  2. Chief Naval Logistics Officer
  3. Chief of Fleet Support
  4. Chief of Naval Air Equipment
  5. Chief of Naval Air Service
  6. Chief of Naval Air Services
  7. Chief of Naval Materiel
  8. Chief of Naval Personnel
  9. Chief of Naval Personnel and Training
  10. Chief of Naval Staff
  11. Chief of Naval Supplies and Transport

Chiefs of Staff

  1. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet
  2. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Fleet
  3. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet
  4. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet
  5. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command
  6. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Rosyth
  7. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, the Nore
  8. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, Western Fleet
  9. Chief of Staff, Navy Command HQ


  1. Commander-in-Chief, at the Nore
  2. Commander-in-Chief, Baltic Fleet
  3. Commander-in-Chief, Coast of Scotland
  4. Commander-in-Chief, Devonport
  5. Commander-in-Chief, English Channel
  6. Commander-in-Chief, First Fleet
  7. Commander-in-Chief, Grand Fleet
  8. Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleets
  9. Commander-in-Chief, Leith
  10. Commander-in-Chief, Medway and at the Nore
  11. Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command
  12. Commander-in-Chief, North Sea
  13. Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth Station
  14. Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth Station
  15. Commander-in-Chief, Rosyth
  16. Commander-in-Chief, Thames, Medway and Nore
  17. Commander-in-Chief, the Downs
  18. Commander-in-Chief, Western Fleet
  19. Commander-in-Chief, Western Squadron


  1. Commodore, Minelayers
  2. Commodore, Minesweeping
  3. Commodore Naval Air Stations (North)
  4. Commodore of Ocean Convoys HQ Liverpool
  5. Commodore Submarine Service

Commodores Superintendent

  1. Commodore-Superintendent, Devonport Dockyard
  2. Commodore-Superintendent, Pembroke Dockyard
  3. Commodore-Superintendent, Sheerness Dockyard


  1. Controller of the Navy
  2. Controller-General of the Coastguard


  1. Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Fleet
  2. Deputy First Sea Lord
  3. Deputy Judge Advocate of the Fleet
  4. Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (Training)
  5. Deputy Chief of Naval Staff
  6. Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Air)


  1. Director of Administrative Planning
  2. Director of Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
  3. Director of the Air Division
  4. Director Naval Air Division
  5. Director of Naval Air Warfare Division
  6. Director of Naval Intelligence
  7. Director of Naval Training
  8. Director of Signals

Directors General

  1. Director-General of Dockyards and Fleet Maintenance
  2. Director-General of Dockyards and Maintenance
  3. Director-General Supply and Secretariat Branch
  4. Medical Director-General (Naval)
  5. Medical Director-General of the Navy
  6. Paymaster Director-General

Flag Officers

  1. Flag Officer, Admiralty Interview Board
  2. Flag Officer, Aircraft Carriers
  3. Flag Officer, Air (Home)
  4. Flag Officer, Carriers and Amphibious Ships
  5. Flag Officer, Carrier Training and Administration
  6. Flag Officer, Cromarty
  7. Flag Officer First Flotilla
  8. Flag Officer (Flotillas) Home Fleet
  9. Flag Officer (Flotillas) Western Fleet
  10. Flag Officer, Flying Training
  11. Flag Officer, Ground Training
  12. Flag Officer, Heavy Squadron, Home Fleet
  13. Flag Officer, Home Fleet Training Squadron
  14. Flag Officer, Inshore Squadron
  15. Flag Officer Liaison United States Navy in Europe HQ London
  16. Flag Officer, Naval Air Command
  17. Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations
  18. Flag Officer, Naval Flying Training
  19. Flag Officer Medway
  20. Flag Officer Plymouth
  21. Flag Officer Portsmouth
  22. Flag Officer, Reserve Aircraft
  23. Flag Officer Portsmouth Area
  24. Flag Officer, Scotland
  25. Flag Officer, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  26. Flag Officer, Sea Training
  27. Flag Officer, Second Flotilla
  28. Flag Officer Spithead
  29. Flag Officer Submarines
  30. Flag Officer Surface Flotilla
  31. Flag Officer, Third Flotilla
  32. Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment
  33. Flag Officer, Training Squadron
  34. Permanent Flag Officer to the Board of Admiralty

Flag Officers Commanding

  1. Flag Officer Commanding, Dover
  2. Flag Officer Commanding, Orkney's and Shetlands
  3. Flag Officer Commanding, Reserve Fleet
  4. Flag Officer Commanding, Rosyth
  5. Flag Officer Commanding, Royal Yachts
  6. Flag Officer Commanding, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Flag Officers in Charge

  1. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Aberdeen
  2. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Belfast
  3. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Cardiff
  4. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Falmouth
  5. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Glasgow
  6. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Greenock
  7. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Harwich
  8. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Hull
  9. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Humber
  10. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Invergordon
  11. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Liverpool
  12. Flag Officer-in-Charge, London
  13. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Newcastle
  14. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Milford Haven
  15. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland
  16. Flag Officer-in-Charge Portland
  17. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Southampton
  18. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Yarmouth

Flag Officers in Command

  1. Flag Officer-in-Command, Portland Naval Base
  2. Flag Officer-in-Command, Southampton

Naval Assistant

  1. Naval Secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty
  2. Naval Assistant to the Naval Secretary

Naval Lords

  1. First Naval Lord
  2. Second Naval Lord
  3. Third Naval Lord
  4. Fourth Naval Lord
  5. Senior Naval Lord

Port Admirals

  1. Port Admiral, Chatham
  2. Port Admiral Devonport
  3. Port Admiral Portsmouth


  1. Rear-Admiral, Aircraft Carriers
  2. Rear Admiral, Escort Carriers
  3. Rear-Admiral Landing Ships and Craft (Unallocated)
  4. Rear-Admiral, Minelayers
  5. Rear-Admiral, Naval Air Stations
  6. Rear-Admiral (Operations), Plymouth Station
  7. Rear-Admiral on the Mediterranean Station
  8. Rear-Admiral, Scapa
  9. Rear-Admiral, Stornoway
  10. Rear-Admiral, Submarines
  11. Rear-Admiral Unallocated Landing Ships

Rear-Admirals Commanding

  1. Rear-Admiral Commanding, East Coast of England
  2. Rear-Admiral Commanding, 2nd Battle Cruiser Squadron
  3. Rear-Admiral Commanding, 3rd Cruiser Squadron
  4. Rear-Admiral Commanding, 7th Cruiser Squadron
  5. Rear-Admiral Commanding, Scapa

Rear-Admirals 2nd in Command

  1. Rear-Admiral, Second-in-Command, Atlantic Fleet

Sea Lords

  1. Third Sea Lord
  2. Fourth Sea Lord
  3. Fifth Sea Lord

Seconds in Command

  1. Second-in-Command, Channel Squadron
  2. Second-in-Command, Grand Fleet
  3. Second-in-Command, Home Fleets
  4. Second-in-Command Naval Air Stations
  5. Second-in-Command, North Sea Fleet


  1. Senior Naval Officer, Belfast
  2. Senior Naval Officer, Granton
  3. Senior Naval Officer, Larne
  4. Senior Naval Officer, Port of London
  5. Senior Naval Officer, Swarbacks Minn
  6. Senior Officer in Command, Channel Squadron
  7. Senior Officer on the Coast of Ireland
  8. Senior Officer, Peterhead

Vice-Admirals Commanding

  1. Vice-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Force
  2. Vice-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet

Africa and the Middle East

  1. Captain-in-Charge, Naval Establishments, Simonstown
  2. Commodore, Levant
  3. Commodore of Convoys (Alexandria)
  4. Commodore, Red Sea and Canal Area
  5. Commander-in-Chief, Africa Station
  6. Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station
  7. Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope
  8. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies and Cape of Good Hope Station
  9. Commander-in-Chief, Levant
  10. Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic and South America
  11. Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic
  12. Commodore, West Africa Squadron
  13. Commodore, West Coast of Africa
  14. Commodore-Superintendent Simonstown Dockyard
  15. Commodore-in-Charge, Algiers
  16. Commodore-in-Charge, Simonstown
  17. Flag Officer Commanding, Red Sea
  18. Flag Officer, Arabian Seas and Persian Gulf
  19. Flag Officer, Commanding Red Sea and Canal Area
  20. Flag Officer, East Africa
  21. Flag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean
  22. Flag Officer, Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
  23. Flag Officer, Liaison Middle East
  24. Flag Officer, Middle East
  25. Flag Officer, North Africa
  26. Flag Officer, West Africa
  27. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Bizerta
  28. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Tunisia
  29. Naval Officer-in-Charge, Aden
  30. Naval Officer in Charge, Suez
  31. Rear-Admiral, Alexandria
  32. Rear-Admiral, Egypt and Red Sea
  33. Senior British Naval Officer South Africa
  34. Senior Naval Officer, Simonstown
  35. Senior Officer, Persian Gulf


  1. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet
  2. Commander-in-Chief, Australian Station
  3. Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet
  4. Commander, New Zealand Station
  5. Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations, Pacific
  6. Flag Officer Commanding, Australian Fleet
  7. Flag Officer Commanding, Australian Squadron
  8. Flag Officer-in-Charge, New South Wales
  9. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Sydney
  10. Flag Officer-in-Command, Eastern Australian Area
  11. Rear-Admiral Commanding, New Zealand Station
  12. Rear-Admiral Commanding the Australian Fleet
  13. Rear-Admiral, Fleet Train, British Pacific Fleet
  14. Vice-Admiral Commanding the Australian Fleet
  15. Vice-Admiral, Second-in-Command, British Pacific Fleet

East Asia

  1. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet
  2. Chief of Staff to the Commander-in-Chief, China Station
  3. Chief of Staff to the Commander, Far East Fleet
  4. Chief of Staff to the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Far East Fleet
  5. Commander-in-Chief, British Pacific Fleet
  6. Commander-in-Chief, China Station
  7. Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Fleet
  8. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies and China
  9. Commander-in-Chief, Far East Station
  10. Flag Officer (Air) Far East
  11. Flag Officer Commanding, First Aircraft Carrier Squadron, British Pacific Fleet
  12. Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Far East Fleet
  13. Flag Officer, Malaya
  14. Flag Officer, Malayan Area
  15. Flag Officer, Naval Air Pacific (FONAP)
  16. Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations, Pacific
  17. Flag Officer, Second-in-Command, Far East Fleet
  18. Flag Officer, Second-in-Command, Far East Station
  19. Rear-Admiral, Fleet Train, British Pacific Fleet
  20. Rear-Admiral (Q) British Pacific Fleet
  21. Second-in-Command, China Station
  22. Vice-Admiral (Q) British Pacific Fleet


  1. Admiral Commanding, Iceland
  2. Chief of Staff, Mediterranean Station
  3. Commodore Commanding, British Adriatic Force
  4. Commodore of Convoys (Gibraltar)
  5. Commodore-in-Charge, Gibraltar
  6. Commodore Superintendent Taranto
  7. Commander-in-Chief, Baltic Fleet
  8. Commander-in-Chief on the Lisbon Station
  9. Commander-in-Chief, Lisbon
  10. Commander-in-Chief, Portugal
  11. Commander-in-Chief, Kronshtadt
  12. Commander-in-Chief, Western Fleet
  13. Flag Officer (Flotillas) Mediterranean
  14. Flag Officer Commanding British Naval Forces Germany
  15. Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland (C)
  16. Flag Officer Commanding, North Atlantic Station
  17. Flag Officer Destroyers, Mediterranean Fleet
  18. Flag Officer Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers
  19. Flag Officer Second-in-Command, Mediterranean Fleet
  20. Flag Officer, Central Mediterranean
  21. Flag Officer, Denmark
  22. Flag Officer, Germany
  23. Flag Officer, Gibraltar and Mediterranean Approaches
  24. Flag Officer, Gibraltar
  25. Flag Officer, Holland
  26. Flag Officer, Levant and Eastern Mediterranean
  27. Flag Officer, Malta
  28. Flag Officer, Narvik
  29. Flag Officer, Northern Area, Mediterranean
  30. Flag Officer, Norway
  31. Flag Officer, Schleswig-Holstein
  32. Flag Officer, Sicily
  33. Flag Officer, Taranto Area
  34. Flag Officer, Taranto and Adriatic
  35. Flag Officer, Tunisia
  36. Flag Officer, Western Germany
  37. Flag Officer, Western Italy
  38. Flag Officer, Western Mediterranean
  39. Flag Officer, Wilhelmshaven
  40. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Gibraltar
  41. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Kiel
  42. Flag Officer-in-Charge, Malta
  43. Principal Naval Transport Officer, Archangel
  44. Rear-Admiral Commanding, British Adriatic Squadron
  45. Rear-Admiral Commanding in the White Sea
  46. Rear Admiral (D) Commanding Destroyer Flotillas, Mediterranean
  47. Rear-Admiral, Malta
  48. Rear-Admiral, Second-in-Command, Eastern Mediterranean Squadron
  49. Rear-Admiral, Training Establishment Mediterranean
  50. Rear-Admiral-in-Charge, Gibraltar
  51. Rear-Admiral-in-Charge, Malta
  52. Rear-Admiral-in-Charge, Murmansk
  53. Second-in-Command, Lisbon Station
  54. Second-in-Command, Mediterranean Station
  55. Second-in-Command Mediterranean Fleet
  56. Senior Officer, Gibraltar
  57. Senior British Naval Officer, Greece
  58. Senior British Naval Officer, North Russia
  59. Senior Naval Officer, Archangel
  60. Senior Naval Officer, Gibraltar
  61. Senior Naval Officer, White Sea
  62. Vice-Admiral, Base Defences Mediterranean
  63. Vice-Admiral Commanding, Eastern Mediterranean Squadron
  64. Vice-Admiral Commanding Light Forces
  65. Vice-Admiral-in-Charge, Gibraltar

North and South America

  1. Admiral-Superintendent, Bermuda Royal Dockyard
  2. Captain-in-Charge of H.M. Naval Establishments, Bermuda
  3. Commodore of the Pacific Squadron
  4. Commodore, Jamaica Station
  5. Commodore-in-Charge, Jamaica
  6. Commodore-in-Charge, Naval Establishments Bermuda
  7. Commodore-Superintendent, Bermuda Dockyard
  8. Commander-in-Chief, America and West Indies Station
  9. Commander-in-Chief, Barbadoes and Leeward Islands
  10. Commander-in-Chief, Brazil Station
  11. Commander-in-Chief, Leeward Islands
  12. Commander-in-Chief, Newfoundland Station
  13. Commander-in-Chief, North America and Lakes of Canada Station
  14. Commander-in-Chief, North America and Newfoundland Station
  15. Commander-in-Chief, North America and West Indies Station
  16. Commander-in-Chief, North America Station
  17. Commander-in-Chief, South America Station
  18. Commander-in-Chief, South Atlantic and South America
  19. Commander-in-Chief, South East Coast of America Station
  20. Flag Officer, Newfoundland
  21. Second-in-Command, North America and West Indies Station
  22. Senior British Naval Officer, Western Atlantic
  23. Senior Naval Officer, West Indies

South Asia

  1. Admiral-Superintendent, Ceylon
  2. Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Fleet
  3. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies
  4. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Station
  5. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Fleet
  6. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies and Cape of Good Hope Station
  7. Commander-in-Chief, East Indies and China
  8. Commander-in-Chief, Royal Indian Navy
  9. Flag Officer (Air), East Indies Station
  10. Flag Officer (Air), East Indies
  11. Flag Officer, Bombay
  12. Flag Officer, Ceylon
  13. Flag Officer Commanding, Aircraft Carriers, East Indies
  14. Flag Officer Commanding, Indian Fleet
  15. Flag Officer Commanding, Royal Indian Marine
  16. Flag Officer Commanding, Royal Indian Navy
  17. Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Naval Squadron
  18. Flag Officer Commanding Royal Pakistan Navy
  19. Flag Officer Commanding, Naval Air Stations, East Indies
  20. Flag Officer in Charge, Trincomalee
  21. Rear Admiral (Air) Eastern Fleet
  22. Rear-Admiral, Eastern Fleet Aircraft Carriers
  23. Rear Admiral, Naval Air Stations, Indian Ocean
  24. Senior Officer, Royal Naval Establishments, India