Flag Officer, Plymouth

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Flag Officer, Plymouth
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Portsmouth Area Command
Member of
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command
FormationJuly 1969
First holderVice-Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin
Final holderVice-Admiral Sir Roy Newman

The Flag Officer Plymouth was a senior Royal Navy appointment first established in July 1969. The office holder was responsible for the administration of . The appointment continued until 1996 when it was abolished.[1]

In December 1970 all new appointees holding this title jointly held the title of Port Admiral Devonport.


The office was established in July 1969 when the two major home commands the Plymouth Station and Portsmouth Station were abolished and a new centralised Naval Home Command was created. As a result of these organisational changes Flag Officer Plymouth became one of the new area commanders subordinate to the Commander-in-Chief, Naval Home Command.

On 30 December 1970, Vice-Admiral J R McKaig CBE was appointed as Port Admiral Devonport of HM Naval Base, Devonport, and Flag Officer, Plymouth. On 5 September 1971, all remaining flag officers of the Royal Navy holding positions of Admiral Superintendents at Royal Naval Dockyard's were restyled as Port Admirals.[2]

Office Holders


  1. Vice-Admiral John Charles Young Roxburgh: July-September 1969
  2. Vice-Admiral Sir Anthony Templer Frederick Griffith Griffin: September 1969-December 1970
  3. Vice-Admiral Sir J. Rae McKaig: December 1970-March 1973
  4. Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur M. Power: March 1973-February 1975
  5. Vice-Admiral Sir A. Gordon Tait: February 1975-January 1977
  6. Vice-Admiral Sir John M. Forbes: January 1977-January 1979
  7. Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Egerton Capel Berger: January 1979-February 1981
  8. Vice-Admiral Sir Simon A.C. Cassels: February 1981-September 1982
  9. Vice-Admiral Sir David W. Brown: September 1982-1985
  10. Vice-Admiral Sir Robert W.F. Gerken: 1985-March 1987
  11. Vice-Admiral Sir John M. Webster: March 1987-April 1990
  12. Vice-Admiral Sir Alan Grose: April 1990-September 1992
  13. Vice-Admiral Sir Roy T. Newman: September 1992-1996


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