Flag Officer, Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers

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Flag Officer Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Admiralty, Ministry of Defence
Reports toCommander-in-Chief Fleet
NominatorSecretary of State for Defence
AppointerPrime Minister
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
Term lengthNot fixed (typically 1–4 years)
Inaugural holderRear-Admiral Reginald G. H. Henderson

Flag Officer Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers was a senior Royal Navy appointment that established in September 1940 and existed until December 1943 when it was abolished. The office holder was responsible for the command of aircraft carriers allocated to the Mediterranean Flett.


A Flag Officer with specific responsibilities for command of Aircraft Carriers within the Royal Navy was first established in September 1931 with the appointment of Rear-Admiral Reginald Henderson as Rear-Admiral, Aircraft Carriers.[1] He was succeeded by Rear-Admiral the Hon. Sir Alexander R. M. Ramsay later Vice-Admiral, Aircraft Carriers. The post was held by successive flag officers under the titles as stated. In June 1968 the post Rear-Admiral, Carriers was renamed to Flag Officer, Carriers and Amphibious Ships, (FOCAS) which continued till December 1979 when the office was renamed Flag Officer, Third Flotilla [2] this command however was broadened to include units other than aircraft carriers and amphibious ships.

Office Holders

Flag Officer, Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers

Rank Flag Name Term Notes
Flag Officer, Mediterranean Aircraft Carriers
1 Rear-Admiral Flag of Rear-Admiral - Royal Navy.svg Lumley Lyster September 1940 to 4 February 1941 office renamed FO/MAC 09.1040[3]
1 Rear-Admiral Flag of Rear-Admiral - Royal Navy.svg Denis Boyd February 1941 to January 1942
2 Vice-Admiral Flag of Vice-Admiral - Royal Navy.svg Clement Moody January 1942 to December 1943 (VAdm by 06/1936)
Post is re-established within the Home Fleet July 1942 till December 1943.


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