Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland (C)

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Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland (C)
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AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
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The Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland (C) was an appointment of the British Royal Navy during the Second World War. His headquarters were at the stone frigate HMS Baldur, based at Hvitanes, in Hvalfjörður fjord, on the west coast of Iceland.

The post holder was responsible for commanding the Iceland (C) Station.


Following the German invasion of Denmark in April 1940, Iceland, then in personal union with Denmark, declared neutrality throughout the rest of the war. Iceland's location was of strategic importance to the British who decided to station naval forces at a naval base called HMS Baldur[1] at Hvitanes following the invasion of Iceland in May 1940.[2] In addition it also established an accounting and accommodation shore base called HMS Baldur II. Iceland was an important base for North Atlantic convoys, patrol and anti-submarine duties.

In September 1941 the Department of Admiralty appointed am admiral to administer the Iceland (C) station under the title Admiral Commanding, Iceland.[3] until August 1943.

On 31 October 1943 Bertram Watson was appointed Flag Officer Commanding, Iceland, where he served in the rank of Rear Admiral until 7 August 1945.[4] The 1945 Navy List records Watson as holding the position in the rank of Vice Admiral.[5]

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