Flag Officer-in-Charge, Liverpool

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Office of the
Flag Officer-in-Charge, Liverpool
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, Plymouth Station (1938-1939)
Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches (1939-1945)
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
PrecursorSenior Naval Officer, Liverpool
First holderVice-Admiral Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe
Final holderVice-Admiral James Wilfred Sussex Dorling

The Flag Officer-in-Charge, Liverpool [1] was a senior British Royal Navy appointment created during World War Two. The office holder was responsible for the naval command of Liverpool.[2]

Office Holders

  1. Vice-Admiral Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe, (retd), 12 October, 1938 – 14 December, 1940.[2]
  2. Rear-Admiral James Stuart McLaren Ritchie, RN (retd), 14 December, 1940 - 15 August, 1944.[3]
  3. Vice-Admiral James Wilfred Sussex Dorling, RN (retd), 15 August, 1944 - 10 April, 1946.[4]


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