Flag Officer-in-Charge, Belfast

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Office of the Flag Officer-in-Charge, Belfast
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Department of Admiralty
Reports toCommander-in-Chief, Plymouth (1939-1941)
Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches (1941-1944)
NominatorFirst Lord of the Admiralty
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Term length(typically 1–3 years)
PrecursorSenior Naval Officer, Belfast
First holderRear-Admiral Richard M. King.
Final holderRear-Admiral Sir Richard Hugh Loraine Bevan.
SuccessionFlag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland

The Flag Officer-in-Charge, Belfast was a senior British Royal Navy appointment established from August, 1939 to February, 1944. The office holder commanded the local area command of Belfast.


The office was established during the second world war from August, 1939 to February, 1944. The office holder was charged with command of the Belfast Station.[1] In February 1944 this office holders responsibilites were extended title was altered to Flag Officer-in-Charge, Northern Ireland now commanding the Northern Ireland Station.

Office Holders


  1. Rear-Admiral Richard M. King, 24 August, 1939 – 15 October, 1942.
  2. Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Hugh Loraine Bevan, 15 October, 1942 – February, 1944. (retd).


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