Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment

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Office of the
Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Navy Department (1995-1998)
Reports toSecond Sea Lord (1995-2005)
NominatorFirst Sea Lord
AppointerSecretary of State for Defence, (1996-2005)
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
PrecursorDirector-General, Naval Manpower and Training
First holderRear-Admiral John P. Clarke
Final holderRear-Admiral K J Borley

The Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment was a senior British Royal Navy appointment first created in January, 1996. The office holder was responsible for the supervision of Naval Recruitment Training Agency. The office existed until 2005 when the office was abolished.[1]


The Department of Admiralty first established a Naval Training Department under a Director of Naval Training in 1944.[1] In 1951 the director of naval training's title was altered to the Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel (Training), and in May 1959 this office holders title was changed to the Director-General of Training and abolished in 1969. In 1972 this office was revived under a new name as the Director-General, Naval Manpower and Training. In April 1995 this office holders title was altered to Flag Officer, Training and Recruitment.[1] In 2005 the office was abolished.[1]

Office Holders


  1. Rear-Admiral John P. Clarke: April 1995-January 1996
  2. Rear-Admiral John McAnally CB MVO, February, 1996-1998
  3. Rear-Admiral John Chadwick CB, 1998-2001
  4. Rear-Admiral Peter R Davies CBE, 2001-2003
  5. Rear-Admiral K J Borley, September, 2004-2005

Additional Titles

Following the creation of the Naval Recruitment Training Agency in January 1996 this office holder was additionally titled as Chief Executive, Naval Recruitment Training Agency.


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