Flag Officer, Sea Training

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Office of the
Flag Officer, Sea Training
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
William J. Warrender

since June 2018
Navy Command
Reports toFleet Commander
NominatorSecretary of State for Defence
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
FormationSeptember 1958
First holderVice-Admiral William G. Crawford

The Flag Officer, Sea Training (FOST) was a senior British Royal Navy appointment first created in 1958. The office holder was responsible for all naval sea training, they are currently based at Navy Command Headquarters and reported to the Fleet Commander. In June 2020 this office was renamed Commander Fleet Operational Sea Training.


The office was created in September 1958 with Vice-Admiral William Crawford as the first incumbent. From the Naval Bases at Plymouth, the Clyde in Scotland and a small team at Northwood in Middlesex, Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) leads operational sea training for all surface ships, submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries of the Royal Navy by a dedicated team of experts. The last office holder was Rear-Admiral William J. Warrender from June 2018 to May 2020. In June 2020. In June 2020 this office was renamed Commander Fleet Operational Sea Training.

Office Holders

Flag Officers Sea Training included:[1]

  1. Vice-Admiral William G. Crawford, September 1958-August 1960
  2. Vice-Admiral Sir Peter Gretton, August 1960-December 1961
  3. Rear-Admiral Horace R. Law, December 1961-May 1963
  4. Rear-Admiral Patrick U. Bayly, May 1963-April 1965
  5. Rear-Admiral Philip G. Sharp, April 1965-July 1967
  6. Rear-Admiral John C. Y. Roxburgh, July 1967-May 1969
  7. Rear-Admiral J. Anthony R. Troup, May 1969-March 1971
  8. Rear-Admiral E. Gerard N. Mansfield, March 1971-October 1972
  9. Rear-Admiral John O. Roberts, October 1972-April 1974
  10. Rear-Admiral James H. F. Eberle, April 1974-April 1975
  11. Rear-Admiral John R.S. Gerard-Pearse, April 1975-November 1976
  12. Rear-Admiral Gwynedd I. Pritchard, November 1976-November 1978
  13. Rear-Admiral Anthony J. Whetstone, November 1978-September 1980
  14. Rear-Admiral David M. Eckersley-Maslin, September 1980-April 1982
  15. Rear-Admiral John M. Webster, April 1982-May 1984
  16. Rear-Admiral Michael H. Livesay, May 1984-December 1985
  17. Rear-Admiral Barry N. Wilson, December 1985-June 1987
  18. Rear-Admiral John F. Coward, June 1987-June 1988
  19. Rear-Admiral Roy T. Newman, June 1988-December 1989
  20. Rear-Admiral A. Bruce Richardson, December 1989-July 1991
  21. Rear-Admiral Michael C. Boyce, July 1991-September 1992.[2]
  22. Rear-Admiral John G. Tolhurst, September 1992-22 July 1995.[3]
  23. Rear-Admiral Peter M. Franklyn, April 1996-July 1997
  24. Rear-Admiral R. John Lippiett, July 1997-September 1999
  25. Rear-Admiral Alexander K. Backus, September 1999-November 2001
  26. Rear-Admiral James C. Rapp, November 2001-April 2004
  27. Rear-Admiral Roger S. Ainsley, April 2004-June 2006
  28. Rear-Admiral Anthony J. Rix, June 2006-May 2007
  29. Rear-Admiral Richard J. Ibbotson, May 2007-February 2009
  30. Rear-Admiral Christopher A. Snow, February 2009-July 2011
  31. Rear-Admiral Clive C. C. Johnstone, July 2011-April 2013
  32. Rear-Admiral Benjamin J. Key, April 2013-July 2015
  33. Rear-Admiral John R.H. Clink], July 2015-June 2018
  34. Rear-Admiral William J. Warrender June 2018-May 2020

Additional Titles

From 1958 to 1969 this office was held jointly with Flag Officer-in-Command, Portland Naval Base, and from 1969 to 1995 it was held jointly with that of Naval Base Commander, Portland. From July 2015 to May 2020 this office was held jointly with that of Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Training).


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