Flag Officer, Gibraltar

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Flag Officer, Gibraltar
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Ensign of the Royal Navy
Navy Department
Reports toFirst Sea Lord
NominatorFirst Sea Lord
AppointerSecretary of State for Defence
Subject to formal approval by the Queen-in-Council
First holderRear-Admiral, Patrick W.B. Brooking
Final holderRear-Admiral Geoffrey Biggs

Flag Officer, Gibraltar was a senior British Royal Navy appointment and the succeeding office to the Vice-Admiral-in-Charge, Gibraltar established from June, 1948 to April, 1992 when this office was abolished. The office holder was responsible for the naval command of Gibraltar.[1]

Office Holders

  1. Rear-Admiral, Patrick W.B. Brooking: June 1948-June 1950, (ditto).
  2. Vice-Admiral Lord Ashbourne: June 1950-May 1952
  3. Rear-Admiral St. John A. Micklethwait: May 1952-October 1953
  4. Rear-Admiral Harry P. Currey: October 1953-May 1956
  5. Rear-Admiral Roy S. Foster-Brown: May 1956-February 1959
  6. Rear-Admiral Philip F. Powlett: February 1959-March 1962
  7. Rear-Admiral Erroll N. Sinclair: March 1962-July 1964
  8. Rear-Admiral Thomas W. Best: July 1964-November 1966
  9. Rear-Admiral Michael F. Fell: November 1966-April 1968
  10. Rear-Admiral Ian W. Jamieson: April 1968-October 1969
  11. Rear-Admiral A. Rodney B. Sturdee: October 1969-January 1972.[2]
  12. Rear-Admiral Hubert Walter Elphinstone Hollins: January 1972-May 1974
  13. Rear-Admiral Sefton R. Sandford: May 1974-September 1976
  14. Rear-Admiral Michael L. Stacey: September 1976-January 1979
  15. Rear-Admiral Gwynedd Pritchard: January 1979-January 1981
  16. Rear-Admiral D. John Mackenzie: January 1981-January 1983
  17. Rear-Admiral George Vallings: January 1983-March 1985
  18. Rear-Admiral Peter G.V. Dingemans: March 1985-September 1987
  19. Rear-Admiral the Hon. Nicholas J. Hill-Norton: September 1987-January 1990
  20. Rear-Admiral Geoffrey Biggs (January 1990-April 1992)


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