Flag Officer, Air (Home)

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Office of the
Flag Officer, Air (Home)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Naval Air Stations Command
Reports toFifth Sea Lord
NominatorFirst Sea Lord
AppointerFirst Lord of the Admiralty
Term lengthnot fixed
usually 1-4 years
PrecursorAdmiral (Air)
FormationNovember, 1947
First holderVice-Admiral Sir Cloudesley Varyl Robinson
Final holderVice-Admiral Sir John Graham Hamilton
AbolishedSeptember, 1963
SuccessionFlag Officer, Naval Air Command

The Flag Officer, Air (Home), (FOAH)[1] was a senior British Royal Navy appointment from November, 1947 to September, 1963 when the office was renamed Flag Officer, Naval Air Command.

The office holder administered Naval Air Stations Command .[2]


The office of Flag Officer, Air (Home), (FOAH) was established in November, 1947, he was headquartered at Royal Naval Air Station, Lee-on-Solent also known as HMS Daedalus. He was responsible for the command of Naval Air Stations working up squadrons to operational effectiveness, and after an Operational Readiness Inspection, delivering them to the Fleet.[3] On 30 September, 1963 the office was renamed Flag Officer, Naval Air Command.[4]

Office Holders

Office Succession

  • Rear-Admiral, Naval Air Stations (1939–1943)
  • Flag Officer, Naval Air Stations (1943–1945)
  • Admiral (Air) (1945–1947)
  • Flag Officer, Air (Home) (1947–1963)
  • Flag Officer, Naval Air Command (1963–2010)
  • Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Aviation and Carriers) (2010–present).


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