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Engineer in Chief Sleeve 1900 to 1903.png
Engineer in Chief Sleeve 1900 to 1903
Country United Kingdom
Service branchRN Engineering Branch
Next lower rankChief Inspector of Machinery

A Engineer-in-Chief was a commissioned rank of the Royal Navy's, Engineering Branch first introduced in 1897. In March 1903 the tile was changed to Engineer Vice-Admiral.[1]


The rank was first established in 1897 following changes in the rank structure within the Engineering Branch, a Chief Inspector of Machinery with more than 8 years service was to be given a new title of Engineer-in-Chief equated to a Military Branch Captain of more than 3 years service. The new rank of Chief Inspector of Machinery equated to a Captain but those with less than 3 years in the role. However this created an anomaly that would rectified on 1 April, 1900 when this rank was elevated as equivalent to a Rear-Admiral. In March 1903 the rank was elevated once again this time the title and equivalent executive branch role changed to Engineer Vice-Admiral.[2]


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