Egypt and Red Sea Station

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Egypt and Red Sea Station
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CountryUnited Kingdom
AllegianceBritish Empire
BranchRoyal Navy
TypeNaval Station
Part ofMediterranean Station(1916-1920)

Egypt and Red Sea was a naval station and command of the British Royal Navy, it was established in 1917 and deactivated in 1920. At various times it encompassed a shore bases, naval formations and other ships not attached to other formations. Command was initially vested in a Rear-Admiral. It was a sub-area command of the larger Mediterranean Station.

In Command

Rear-Admiral, Egypt and Red Sea

  1. Rear-Admiral, Egypt and Red Sea


Naval Formations

Unit From To Notes/Ref
Aden Division 1917 1918
Egyptian Division 1917 1918
East Indies and Egyptian Seaplane Squadron 1916 1918 nominally under East Indies Station
Red Sea Patrol 1916 1918

Naval Sub Commnands

Unit From To Notes/Ref
Egypt 1915 1918 under P.N.T.O, Egypt

Naval Bases & Dockyards

Unit From To Ref
Alexandria 1916 1918
Alexandria Dockyard 1916 1918
Aden 1916 1918
Port Said 1916 1919
Port Sudan 1915 1919