Eastern Mediterranean Command

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Eastern Mediterranean Command
‎HMS Nile (1943-1944)
Ensign of the Royal Navy animated.gif
Active1918-1919, 1943–1944
CountryFlag of Egypt 1922–1958.svg.png Kingdom of Egypt
AllegianceFlag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.gif British Empire
BranchNaval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy
Part ofMediterranean Station
Garrison/HQRN Base, Alexandria, Egypt
In CommandFlag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean
FirstVice-Admiral Sir H. Bernard Rawlings
LastVice-Admiral Sir H. Bernard Rawlings

The Eastern Mediterranean was an area of operations and transportation command of the Royal Navy first established in World War One.[1] During World War Two it was reactivated as a major command from December, 1943 until October, 1944. Headquartered at Alexandria, Egypt the command was under the jurisdiction of the Flag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean.


The Eastern Mediterranean was an area of operations and transportation command of the Royal Navy first established in World War One on 1 January, 1918. It was operational until 15 April, 1919.[2] During the early part of World War Two in 1940, responsibility for the Red Seas area of operations was to be transferred from the Commander-in-Chief, East Indies to the Mediterranean Fleet and did not revert until 1942. Previously responsibility for shore-based area commands in the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre lay with the Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean Fleet. Following a meeting in London, the Chiefs of Staff Committee signaled on 2 February 1943 to Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham Naval Command, in the Mediterranean.[3]

1). The Mediterranean will be divided into two commands:(a) the area to the west line A to B to be the Mediterranean Command. (b) the area to the East of the above line to be the Levant Command which will include the Red Sea. 2). For the present the line A to B will be the line running from the Tunisian/Tripolitanian border to a position in Latitude 35 degrees North, Longitude 60 degrees East, thence to Cape Spartivento (Italy).[3]

On 28 December 1943 Levant Station was renamed Eastern Mediterranean command. In October 1944 the command was renamed Levant and Eastern Mediterranean.

In Command

Principal Naval Transport Officer, Eastern Mediterranean (1918-19)

  1. Commodore, Second Class Edward Unwin, 1 January, 1918 – 15 April, 1919.[4]

Flag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean (1943-44)

Chief of Staff to Flag Officer, Eastern Mediterranean (1943-44)

  1. Captain Leslie Newton Brownfield, February, 1943 - June, 1944.[5]


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